If you want to finance your home purchase, the first thing you need to do is to get pre-approved by a local lender. Home sellers will want to review your lenders approval letter before the will sell their home to you.  It’s best to get this part out of the way so you will be ready to jump when the right home comes on the market.

I work with many great local mortgage lenders in our area.  They have competitive mortgage rates and responsive services around. This means they will respond when you call or email them.

I’m happy to share my list with you.

On-line lenders sound like an easy way to go, however I have had experiences with many unhappy buyers that found out at the last minute they could not buy their dream home.  While bait and switch tactics are illegal, what I see happening is the on-line lenders offer great rates and pricing up front and state you are approved based on those great rates.  The problem happens when they finally do an in-depth review of your loan package. They can come back and say you aren’t qualified for the lower rates or the loan amount based on their underwriting standards.  This is the last thing you want to hear a week before you are due to close on your home.

The other problem with on-line lending is…there is no one to hold accountable.

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