As your real estate agent I guide you step by step to assist you in purchasing your home at no cost to you. I help you select a home that is not only a nice home but will be a strong investment for you down the road.I help with all the paperwork, mortgage loan contacts, inspections and disclosures. I’ll treat you as I would any member of my family.  Pat

Here are a few things I will do as your real estate agent: Get Pre-Approved
Most people have an idea of what their dream home would look like. You may not know how to make it happen. To  make sure your house hunting goes smoothly,  I will be helping you with things like:
1. The neighborhood
I have the inside scoop on the neighborhoods you’re looking at, from walkability to upcoming development projects or new roads that may affect the value of your home. I’ll help you put the neighborhood’s statistics into perspective so you can make an informed decision.
2. Maximize your money
With in-depth knowledge of the market and what you’re looking for, I  help you get the most house for your money. When home shopping on a budget, I  will suggest which fixer uppers can be easily (and inexpensively) updated, and which ones might be a money pit.
3. Save you valuable time
I   do much of the time-consuming legwork of house hunting for you, so you don’t waste time sorting through properties that ultimately aren’t a good fit.
4. How to negotiate
As professional negotiator, I’ve spent  years learning the best way to get most of what you want in any transaction. I know how to objectively read the situation and know how and when to employ the right tactics to make sure you get the best deal.

If you’re looking to buy a home, let my knowledge and experience guide you through the process. Pat

Here are a few things we will talk about when we get started:

Get Pre-Approved:
Meet with a mortgage broker and find out how much you can afford to pay for a home.
You may find you qualify for more than you want to spend right now but this will give you a guideline. I can give you a list of mortgage lenders in our area with great rates and terms.
If you are paying cash, you should have your bank prepare a letter stating you have the money on hand to purchase the home.
With a Pre-Approval letter or a letter from your bank stating you have the cash on hand, the seller knows you are a serious buyer and can afford their home.

Prioritize your Needs and Likes:
I like to suggest my homebuyers make a “Must Haves” and “Would Like to Haves” lists.

Your “must haves” could be…a first floor bedroom?, great schools, low crime, close to work…

Your “would like to have things” are items you could live without or things you could add later, like crown-molding or a home with a fence.
Representation by a Buyer Agent:
As your real estate agent, I am working for you, the buyer, not the seller.

Location. Location will influence your long term enjoyment of the home. Check schools, crime reports, future road expansions, utility easements, proximity to rails, airports.

Do your Due Diligence:
In NC, our Offer to Purchase Contracts have a due diligence period where you, the buyer have time to have your home professionally inspected, have a home appraisal done, get your mortgage loan approved, check out the schools, the neighborhood, crime rates and anything else that will effect the enjoyment of your home.
I have a complete list of suggestions for you as you enter into a due diligence period.
In NC, once you close on your home, all responsibility for anything broken is yours.

I’m here to guide you from the very beginning of your home search and long after you purchase our new home.

Please email me or call me directly to discuss your questions and concerns.
Pat Hensley 919-280-4567